Make informed trading decisions with TradingView's real-time market data
TradingView is a popular service and social network for investors and traders. It offers a large number of functions for conducting analytics, testing trading tools and exchanging ideas. Use the best technical tools on TradingView.
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This section can be accessed through the main menu of the site, which gives access to the main tools: "Community" - "Trading Ideas".

This page contains actual trading ideas, strategies and forecasts, which experienced analysts are ready to share with like-minded people and other TradingView users.

It also contains qualitative educational materials about different trading tools and market analytics.

In the menu you can filter the ideas:

- by asset classes
- by the used methodologies (trend and wave analytics, harmonic and graphic patterns, indicators).

It is possible to display the publications.
- new;
- popular;
- only with videos.

Also, the user of the system can go to the personal profile of the author to see his data:

- contact information;
- how many ideas he has in total;
- number of subscribers;
- total number of likes;
- what reputation he has as of today.

Thanks to clear segmentation, the client of the service can select only the most relevant information for himself, which coincides with his requests. You can find and subscribe to the author's updates if he has a good rating, gives useful recommendations and regularly posts useful content.
Make informed decisions with TradingView's market data
The official website of Tradingview has a "Markets" section. If you enter it, you can find basic information about virtual currencies, stocks, indices, classic currencies, futures and bonds. It contains all the relevant information on the markets, which is updated in real time.

For example, if the user clicks on the active key "currencies", he will see a page displaying a list of relevant assets.
They can be sorted according to different parameters:

- capitalization;
- price;
- trading volumes;
- price change;
- percentage change;
- the number of coins in circulation;
- and so on.

In some places, the approach to displaying the data is similar to CoinMarketCap's ranking, where all the information is also clearly structured.

Using the available tabs, you can also switch between trading ideas, forecasts, charts, and other metrics. Thanks to the in-system search engine, the user can find the relevant currency on his/her own, if it is not in the top ten most popular ones.
Monitor stocks with TradingView tools - stock screener
Thanks to the screener, clients of the system can view various lists of cyrrency-assets on their own, sorting them into the most relevant categories for the user:

- growth;
- volatility level;
- capitalization;
- oversold;
- and other parameters.

The tradingview system can offer 3 variations of this tool:

- for virtual currencies;
- for the all market;
- for stocks.

The table of the screener contains the basic data regarding the assets.

You can select the desired category to start interacting:

- overview;
- trends;
- trend indicators;
- oscillators.

In this section you can also see the current indicators:

- the value of this or that cyrrency-asset;
- percentage of change;
- value at minimum and maximum exchange rate for a given time interval;
- trading volume;
- current rating position of oscillators;
- it is also possible to see the data source platform.

The list of positions is automatically updated in real time for maximum user comfort. But if necessary, the trader can set up a manual mode of re-checking the positions.
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